Most culinary uses of the term 'prickly pear' refer to this species. Prickly pears are also known as tuna, nopal or nopales, from the Nahuatl word nōpalli for the pads, or nostle, from the Nahuatl word nōchtli for the fruit; or paddle cactus (from the resemblance to the ball-and-paddle toy). They are native to Mexico.

Like all true cactus species, prickly pears are native only to the Western hemisphere; however, they have been introduced to other parts of the globe. Red, Green, Yellow Prickly pears varieties are found in abundance in Mexico, especially in Puebla.

The fruit of prickly pears, commonly called cactus figs, Indianfig or tuna, is edible, although it has to be peeled carefully to remove the small spines on the outer skin before consumption. If the outer layer is not properly removed, glochids can be ingested causing discomfort of the throat, lips, and tongue as the small spines are easily lodged in the skin.

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cactus pears
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